We also offer our HRT-5A (high resolution translator) as a stand-alone unit with matched servo. It can be configured to handle beam apertures up to 25.4 mm and will provide high-speed, high-accuracy beam focussing.
The unit incorporates our own specially designed linear magnetic drive and high resolution analogue position sensor.
Precision components allow high-speed lens positioning with highly accurate optical axis tracking, even under high acceleration and deceleration.
You can be confident that the beam position will remain stable under all operation demands and conditions.
Aperture [mm] 12.7/19.1
Position detector analogue
Travel [mm] +/-2.5
Position accuracy [µm] <10
Hysteresis error [µm] <2
Lens tumbling [µm] <10
Step response [µs] <850
Dimensions [mm] 108 x 58 x 23
Operating voltage [VDC] +/-15 to +/-30